When they purchase any personalized item for their own personal use, for their business, or to give as gifts this holiday season by going to and choosing to participate in the WIN-WIN program your charity supporter can instantly receive a 10% off the entire purchase. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE, to all customers who choose to support this amazing program Passion Specialties will WAIVE ALL artwork, setup, minimum order quantities & digitizing fees. If they purchase 1 item or 1000 items your supporter will receive the savings and help YOUR deserving Charitable organization at no cost to them.


All approved Charities, when approved, will receive a Promo code that is renewable on an annual basis. When the customer inputs this promo code with his purchase he designates what organization receives the donation. This allows the charity to market directly to their supporters and solicit the donations when YOUR supporter is any buying items they want or need for their use or business.

This program differs from other purchase funding drives where people are asked to buy your Charity’s own merchandise, requiring considerable work and an investment on the behalf of the Charity and where the profit margin for the organization is limited and in some cases can take a long time to get. Also lets face it, how many logo items will people really want to purchase. The Win-Win campaign provides YOUR Charity a donations stream from Passion Specialties that allows YOUR organization to incentivize supporters to purchase items that they want and need for their own use, as gifts and most significantly for their businesses, while generating real meaningful revenue for YOUR Charity and at no extra cost to the customer and with no added product markup to cover the cost of the donation. This is also not a one time opportunity. When YOUR supporters realize they are getting products they want at an incredible value, at the highest quality, at significant savings, the ease of ordering and the add benefit to contribute to an organization they care about they will want to order again and again.



For the Charity the process is simple. Contact Passion Specialties and sign up to get approved and receive your Promo-code and start sharing and earning money, it is that simple. The Charity needs to share and promote the WIN-WIN Campaign via its social media outlets and at events. Encourage YOUR supporters if they need any of the personalized products offered for their own businesses, for holiday gift items, or for their own person wants, to purchase it through the Win-Win Campaign, provide them with YOUR Promo-code that has been assigned to YOUR Charity and watch the money flow. Passion Specialties can help them with a unique blend of products and types of personalization methods, and provide all services including design work to deliver an amazing product that you will be happy to recommend and will provide you with a wonderful, easy new revenue stream of donations that benefit both YOUR supports and YOUR Charity!!